Stay at home – and do your home exercise program
While it’s outside of the scope of my practice as a sports physio to prescribe medication, as rehabilitation and pain specialists, physiotherapists regularly prescribe exercise to maximise recovery for our patients.   But why
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Junior AFL is beneficial for children in more ways than one
In previous blogs we’ve looked at some of the physical, psychological and social benefits that playing a team sport can
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What is frozen shoulder and how is it treated?
What is frozen shoulder? Frozen shoulder is a painful condition known by many names – Adhesive Capsulitis – even though
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Why you should choose a Titled Physiotherapist
With literally thousands of physiotherapists now at your fingertips and an infinite number of Google options to choose from, how
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Chronic neck pain: Physiotherapy treatments
Are you suffering from a pain in the neck? I’m not talking about your latest electricity bill, or an annoying
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How to treat hamstring strains
Hamstring strains (a.k.a. “doing a hammy!”) are one of the most common injuries seen by Northern Beaches physiotherapists. Hammy strains
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Injury Management: reduce your chances of an injury recurrence
We’re an active bunch on the Northern Beaches and you’ll find that injury prevention and recovery are 2 major aspects
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The most common types of foot pain and what it means, and what you can do about it
Your feet are full of bits and pieces that can cause plenty of pain. 26 bones, 33 joints and over
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Reduce your chances of injury in the colder months
Going for my early bird swim at Dee Why pool this weekend it took a few minutes longer than usual
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Why do some children get Sever’s Disease and how is it treated?
Sever’s disease, aka calcaneal apophysitis to musculoskeletal physiotherapists is the most common cause of heel pain in growing athletes. Sever’s
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