We all know how debilitating jaw pain can get, at its worst preventing you from eating and even talking. Most
Headaches are one of, if not the most common health ailment suffered by people all across the world. It is
Phone statistics linked to poor posture! Smartphones. The modern-day curse, some would call them. They offer so much practicality and
How to get the most out of physiotherapy After a tough day at work in the Northern Beaches, all we
It’s been estimated that up to half of the Australian workforce is now working from home due to the effects
Back pain is an almost unavoidable part of life. 1 in 6 people on the Northern Beaches are currently suffering
When Joseph Pilates created his new method of physical training in the 1920’s, he named it ‘Contrology’ due to the
While it’s outside of the scope of my practice as a sports physio to prescribe medication, as rehabilitation and pain specialists, physiotherapists regularly prescribe exercise to maximise recovery for our patients.   But why
In previous blogs we've looked at some of the physical, psychological and social benefits that playing a team sport can
What is frozen shoulder? Frozen shoulder is a painful condition known by many names – Adhesive Capsulitis - even though