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The Northern Beaches best back and neck physiotherapists all under one roof. Whether it is a new issue or chronic, get the right advice the first time.

Why is Fixio the place to go for Back or Neck Pain?

Fixio has Back Pain Experts – Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) defines a Titled Physio as “highly qualified physiotherapist with expert knowledge and skills. They achieve and maintain exceptional standards of clinical experience and knowledge.”

To put it simply, your regular physiotherapist is a GP – a practitioner with general skills, knowledge and treatment plans. A Titled Physiotherapist is a specialist, with deep knowledge of physiotherapy, pain management, and more treatment options to choose from. Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists have completed a four year undergraduate degree in physiotherapy, then go on to complete a two year Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, making a substantial contribution to the field academically in their chosen area of research, before undergoing a minimum of two years full time clinical experience, focused on the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. That’s close to a decade of study and applied training right there. It is no wonder that less than five percent of physiotherapist reach this level of distinction.

So here at Fixio Sports Physio and Pain Solutions, our physiotherapists are mentored and led by Titled Physio expert in back pain, neck pain and unsolvable cases. Our physiotherapists have an advanced understanding of anatomy and biomechanics and have years of practical experience providing multi-pronged programs designed to combat a number of spinal conditions.


Lloyd Padilla
Lloyd Padilla
Jaeme and Dan are top-notch physios! Their expertise and approachability made my experience exceptionally positive. They efficiently addressed my years-long neck and back pain with personalized care and clear guidance. The office facility is also impressively equipped. Highly recommend them for effective treatment in a comfortable setting.
Heather Grigg
Heather Grigg
Have just started with Dan following a nasty fall and fracture to shoulder. Feel very positive, Dan has explained every process along the way and I feel very comfortable with my treatment plan. The other members of the team are super friendly and always acknowledge me on arrival and make me feel welcome
Holly Rose
Holly Rose
Had a great experience with Jackson! I came in with shoulder and ankle issues and the goal to start up my running again and Jackson gave me all the right tips to get back on track and living pain free! Very grateful for all of his work!
ryan searle
ryan searle
Ruptured Achilles (99%) - non surgical approach. Dom and the team were great. 6 months in and the leg is as good as the other. Could not recommend Dom more highly.
Thank you Dan for helping solve my back pain. A true champion in providing wholistic care and extremely knowledgeable in his management plans.
Jennifer Wearne
Jennifer Wearne
I started seeing Hayden for a lower back injury with an inflamed disk (Things you do in the gym!!!). After only 8 weeks and some great planning by Hayden and the team I went from not being able to move to being back in the gym and back to doing what I love! I am lifting more now than I was before my injury and generally feeling great. The attention to detail and knowledge the team have is amazing and I could not be happier with the results. For me it has not just been a fix of my back but a foundational learning experience, teaching me how to move, lift and self heal when I need to. Hands down, these guys are THE BEST Physio team on the Northern Beaches!
Clancy Millis
Clancy Millis
Great service when attending to my back injury. physio Dominic was understanding, considerate, amiable and most importantly affective. highly recommend
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart
Hayden did a great job fixing my back. I would highly recommend seeing him. I had severe lower back pain to the point where I was considering surgery. Hayden guided me through the ups and downs, with honesty and empathy, and applying the best up-to-date methods my back made a full recovery.
Dan Wallis-Smith
Dan Wallis-Smith
Been seeing Hayden for 6 months now and he’s guided me to fixing lower back and knee problems I’ve been having for years. He set out a program and what it would cost in the first consultation and has followed through, providing great knowledge and guidance along the way.

We take a holistic hands-on approach.

Very rarely is there “one thing” causing long-standing back or neck pain in an individual. Hence we take a deep dive in your initial appointment to see what else will be contributing to your symptoms so that we can address the whole issue, not just “do some exercises”. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of exercise to do, but we have to take a multifaceted approach. When we say hands-on, we don’t just mean that we are a manual therapy clinic. Yes, you will get the hands on expert treatment to get you moving again, but we take a very hands-on approach to tackling your pain and getting you pain solutions that you haven’t had before.

We are a spine-focused clinic

We are very experienced in seeing patients with spinal related pain and provide best treatment methods to improve the speed of your recovery. We go above and beyond to work closely with other healthcare practitioners you have including Sports physicians, pain specialists, psychologists and personal trainers. We also have a Pilates studio on site that ensures you have the best possible treatment options to get the best possible outcome.

This multifactorial expert led approach to spinal pain allows our physiotherapists to accurately diagnose your injury and assess contributing factors to your spinal condition. This deep dive into your physical health allows Fixio Physios to design a bespoke rehabilitation program with short, medium and long term outcomes to ensure success and a pain free future.

We understand the science of pain

We are fortunate in Australia to have the world’s best researchers into chronic and longstanding pain living in our backyard. This means that the latest cutting edge techniques and science behind how to move forward when your pain seems unbeatable have been studied by our clinicians. You can learn the techniques to manage the pain yourself at home; and we can teach you. We know that you’ve tried everything else under the sun. But you haven’t been to Fixio. Call us today to speak to the best back and neck pain expert in the Northern Beaches.

If you are having back or neck pain, come in and see Sydney’s leading spinal experts and experience the difference today. The most common injuries of the spine we see here at fixio include


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We offer second opinion Physiotherapy consultations for all musculoskeletal conditions & decisions including, but not limited to:

  • Pre-operative rehabilitation
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Consideration of conservative care vs surgical care
  • ACL rehabilitation
  • Work Cover Claims
  • Motor Vehicle Accident Claims
  • Chronic musculoskeletal pain
  • Complex spinal pain (lower back, upper back and neck)
  • Complex shoulder pain Complex knee pain

Second opinion Physiotherapy is where an expert physiotherapist assesses your condition without previous bias in order to give you an unbiased diagnosis and treatment options. This can help to give you peace of mind that you are on the right track, or it may give you more options for treatment that you weren’t previously presented with. As healthcare professionals, we are all working together to help you to make the best decisions about your health and wellness.

Yes, you can claim a rebate on your session through Private Health insurance, just like our regular physiotherapy service.

We can liaise with your specialist or healthcare provider at your request

Your second opinion consultations will be taken by our Clinical Lead Physiotherapist and Titled Muskuloskeletal Physiotherapist, Hayden Garner or Damien Glover, Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist. He is an expert in difficult to understand pain presentations.

We require you to send through any relevant medical information at least 48 hours prior to your consultation to allow us to best prepare to be able to help you.

Currently, the way you book a second opinion appointment is by booking an appointment online below. You may also call us on 8964 4086 or email us on info@fixio.com.au with the following details. Your;

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Brief description of your pain presentation

One of our friendly team will return your call within 24hrs.

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