The GLA:D Program

Less Pain, More Ability in Osteoarthritis Sufferers

What is the GLAD Program?

Osteoarthritis affects approximately 10% of the Australian population with the prevalence being 1 in 5 people over the age of 45. 

The GLAD Program or GLA:D, Good Life with osteoArthritis: Denmark, is an education and exercise program developed by arthritis researchers in Denmark for people with hip or knee osteoarthritis symptoms. Fixio Physio Dee Why is proud to be a provider of such a high quality program to help people on the Northern Beaches with osteoarthritis.

Research from the GLA:D program in Australia shows:

  • an average pain reduction of 36%
  • reduced need for pain medication
  • reduced rates of surgery
  • improved trust in your joints


Lloyd Padilla
Lloyd Padilla
Jaeme and Dan are top-notch physios! Their expertise and approachability made my experience exceptionally positive. They efficiently addressed my years-long neck and back pain with personalized care and clear guidance. The office facility is also impressively equipped. Highly recommend them for effective treatment in a comfortable setting.
Heather Grigg
Heather Grigg
Have just started with Dan following a nasty fall and fracture to shoulder. Feel very positive, Dan has explained every process along the way and I feel very comfortable with my treatment plan. The other members of the team are super friendly and always acknowledge me on arrival and make me feel welcome
Holly Rose
Holly Rose
Had a great experience with Jackson! I came in with shoulder and ankle issues and the goal to start up my running again and Jackson gave me all the right tips to get back on track and living pain free! Very grateful for all of his work!
ryan searle
ryan searle
Ruptured Achilles (99%) - non surgical approach. Dom and the team were great. 6 months in and the leg is as good as the other. Could not recommend Dom more highly.
Thank you Dan for helping solve my back pain. A true champion in providing wholistic care and extremely knowledgeable in his management plans.
Jennifer Wearne
Jennifer Wearne
I started seeing Hayden for a lower back injury with an inflamed disk (Things you do in the gym!!!). After only 8 weeks and some great planning by Hayden and the team I went from not being able to move to being back in the gym and back to doing what I love! I am lifting more now than I was before my injury and generally feeling great. The attention to detail and knowledge the team have is amazing and I could not be happier with the results. For me it has not just been a fix of my back but a foundational learning experience, teaching me how to move, lift and self heal when I need to. Hands down, these guys are THE BEST Physio team on the Northern Beaches!
Clancy Millis
Clancy Millis
Great service when attending to my back injury. physio Dominic was understanding, considerate, amiable and most importantly affective. highly recommend
Cameron Stewart
Cameron Stewart
Hayden did a great job fixing my back. I would highly recommend seeing him. I had severe lower back pain to the point where I was considering surgery. Hayden guided me through the ups and downs, with honesty and empathy, and applying the best up-to-date methods my back made a full recovery.
Dan Wallis-Smith
Dan Wallis-Smith
Been seeing Hayden for 6 months now and he’s guided me to fixing lower back and knee problems I’ve been having for years. He set out a program and what it would cost in the first consultation and has followed through, providing great knowledge and guidance along the way.
GLA:D program

What does GLA:D Involve?

The education and exercises provided in the GLA:D program can be applied to everyday activities. This ensures that class participants develop skills to self-manage their osteoarthritis. By strengthening the muscles of the legs and improving confidence with exercise, participants develop better capacity to stay active (or become active!), prevent symptom progression and reduce pain.

The GLA:D program is an eight week intervention and includes education and exercise, based on the latest evidence in osteoarthritis research. The program is supervised by a certified GLA:D physiotherapist, helping patients manage their osteo-arthritis symptoms.

The GLA:D Program consists of:

  • An initial appointment with a GLA:D certified physiotherapist explaining the program and collecting data on baseline functional ability → Book Now
  • Two education sessions where you will learn about OA, how the GLA:D intervention improves joint stability and can reduce symptoms, and ongoing management following the program
  • Group neuromuscular training sessions which occur twice a week for six weeks to improve muscle control of the joint.


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GLA:D has been shown to help people of all ages with all levels of osteoarthritis including severe osteoarthritis. It reduces pain, increases mobility and enhances quality of life. Often surgery such as joint replacement surgeries can be avoided.

Studies have shown that people who do need to go in for a replacement surgery will recover more quickly afterwards if they have done the GLA:D beforehand.

There are many reasons why GLA:D and similar exercise programs such as pilates can help reduce pain and improve mobility, because exercise affects a person in a variety of ways. Exercise improves bone and muscle strength as well as elevating mood.  Exercise itself is a recognised treatment for some chronic health conditions and reduces the risk of many others.

The exercises done in GLA:D target joint stability, muscle strength and confidence with movement. Even if you haven’t exercised in a long time, you will be able to participate in the GLA:D.

Whenever you do new exercise, it’s normal and acceptable to have very mild pain during and after the session for up to 24 hours – and maybe a bit longer at first. Your Fixio physiotherapist will help you learn how to monitor your pain so that you can challenge yourself to do more without making your pain worse or doing any damage.

The cost to do GLA:D is similar to pilates and FutureProof classes at Fixio. If you have private health insurance, this will cover some of the costs involved. Eligible participants may be able to use Medicare funding to cover some costs of assessments. If you are paying privately, the full program of 2 education sessions and 12 exercise sessions will cost $900.

Your physiotherapist will make an appointment to review your goals and progress 3 months after you are registered. This usually gives enough time for you to complete the program and start exploring what to do next. You may decide to work towards getting into a gym-based program, or heading back to running, or simply finding ways to increase your level of physical activity throughout the week. One of the most common pathways that participants take is to join Fixio’s pilates or FutureProof classes.

The exercises and strategies you learn in GLA:D® are also easily able to be continued by you at home.  Most importantly, they are a tool for you to use whenever you feel you need to – for example, if something happens to reduce your level of activity, or if your pain increases.

Call us and speak to our Clinical Lead Physiotherapist and GLA:D certified practitioner Daniel. He will be able to answer any questions that this website hasn’t been able to answer.

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