Science Based Treatment for Pain and Injuries

We decrease your pain and tension, improve mobility and strengthen your body to get your life back. Our approach is backed by medical evidence, using hands on therapy and exercise based treatment protocols to ensure constant and consistent results.

Finally, a physiotherapy practice in Sydney that delivers on what they promise.

Our Promise to You

There are hundreds of physiotherapy clinics in Sydney, each with its promises. Sadly, not all live up to expectations. Some rely on outdated treatment methods, don’t do hands on therapy or don’t give corrective exercises. These approaches fall short when it comes to achieving long term strength, improved mobility, and futureproof ability.

At Fixio, we don’t waste time with treatments that don’t work – instead we use hands on treatments to evoke genuine pain relief and corrective mobility exercises that actually allow you to keep doing what you love. You’ll move better, feel better and, more importantly, get your life back.

The Fixio Difference

Our holistic assessment gets to the cause of the problem so you feel and see results in the first session. Our innovative treatment alleviates your tension, reduces pain, increases range of motion and rebuilds strength to get your body back.

Live your life, how you want.

The Fixio Session

Complete Understanding

Fixio’s therapists are experts in listening, understanding and goal setting. We get complete clarity around the problem that you are having and create certainty with a Recovery Plan that ensures we get to your goals as quickly as possible.

Holistic Assessment

Our holistic assessment looks at how your body moves in parts and as a whole. It helps us to confirm what your limitations are and what we can start doing straight away to increase mobility, reduce tightness and reduce pain.

Hands-On Therapy

Your first session is 60 minutes to include hands on treatment to alleviate tension and create movement. We use techniques like massage, mobilisations and dry needling to create fast changes that you can feel.

Corrective Exercises

To maintain the “in-session” improvements we use corrective exercises at home. These exercises increase mobility, teach you to use your new mobility and increase your strength in this range to prevent the problem from happening again.

Recovery Plan

We design a bespoke treatment plan in your first session. It highlights not only what you can do, what you should do and what to expect, but how we can hack your recovery to get you results as quickly as possible.

Philosophy and Mission

Our treatment philosophy is simple. We treat everyone as though they are our closest friend and an elite athlete. We want you to get your life back as soon as possible with as much longevity as possible.

Our first month of treatment involves frequent hands-on manual therapy to evoke fast change. Once you are moving and feeling better we shift our focus to corrective exercises and bulletproofing your body so that you can do what you love, forever.

At Fixio, we live and breathe our purpose. Fixio is leading the way to the future of healthcare, enriching people’s lives with the most effective physical rehabilitation practices and worldclass services. Through our commitment to cutting edge science, constant innovation and a desire to sustainably improve people’s lives, we aim to exceed expectations and redefine the industry.


Our physiotherapists are all highly qualified university trained professionals who can diagnose the symptoms your body is having and provide immediate treatment to help reduce pain, increase mobility, decrease tightness and get your life back.

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