Who We Are

We’re an authentic, premium, results driven physiotherapy clinic and gym. We go over and above for all our people, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is expected of a modern health care clinic and rehabilitation gym with unrivalled customer service. We offer the greatest quality of healthcare in the greatest place on earth, efficiently and sustainably.

Our mission is to get you to your physical goals, whether it’s completing the Sun Run, blitzing the Cole Classic, being a weekend warrior or just being pain free. We are here for you.

What We Do

Our SMART Approach is a distinctive, unique, integrated approach to assessment, treatment, rehabilitation, training and conditioning that holistically improves the human body as a whole. Armed with our science backed SMART Approach, our physiotherapists are trained to take a comprehensive and holistic look into the biomechanics of your body to focus on the root cause of your problems, not just looking at your symptoms.

We are uniquely trained to analyse not just the mobility of joints, nor mobility as a whole but the quality of those movements patterns, allowing us to find restrictions and create changes where other practitioners can’t.

Therapists at Fixio (aka Fixiotherapists) analyse the whole person; looking at their movement patterns, core beliefs and lifestyle while combining expert muscle and joint analysis to develop a truly bespoke treatment experience with a key emphasis on empowering the patient to take their own health by the horns.

Traditionally the field of rehabilitation and conventional medicine has been excellent at treating the dysfunctional part, for example your sore knee. Traditional rehab approaches look at identifying what part of the knee is damaged or weak and focusses on healing or strengthening that part of the knee. The SMART Approach looks at why the knee is sore and what caused the knee to weaken or to degenerate. Your Fixiotherapist will analyse how you move and how the entire picture affects your knee, whether it be your foot, your hip or your lower back.

Hence a person may have knee pain, but not have a knee problem. They may have knee pain, but a hip problem!

Treatment then, must not always be directed to where the pain is, but rather to whatever is causing the dysfunction and pain to exist.

S.M.A.R.T stands for Structure, Mobility, Attitude, Reliability and Tolerance
The 5 foundations of physical health. Most therapies aim to address 2 or 3 of these foundations, yet until all 5 are assessed and treated, pain or dysfunction will likely persist. Holistic care is at the centre of our treatment paradigm.


Why Us?

Bespoke service

You will achieve your individual and specific health outcomes through; deep diving into your physical health, understanding the factors contributing to your pain and having a bespoke rehab program tailored for you.

Individual Appointments

Your time is valuable. We refuse to rush you. Expect thorough assessments and honest care from our team in our individual treatment sessions, designed 30% longer than the industry standard physiotherapy appointment.

Expert Team

Our physios are within the top 5% of Australian physios - named Titled Physiotherapists. Titled physios have completed an extra degree and are leaders in the fields of assessment, diagnosis, explanation and hands on treatment.


Our Promise

  • Highly skilled, experienced and passionate physiotherapists
  • Individual appointments and bespoke rehabilitation programs
  • The latest cutting-edge science and evidence-based treatment
  • Thorough explanations, education, reassurance and guidance
  • Enclosed treatment rooms for privacy and confidentiality
  • Expert hands on therapy (No electrotherapy machines!)
  • No stale medical vibes
  • After hours appointments and weekend accessibility
  • On time appointments, every time
  • Encouragement that whatever your situation, it can always improve