Physiotherapy for Back, Rib Cage & Neck Pain


The incidence of low back pain is extremely high, with 80% of the population being afflicted with some form of low back pain during their lifetime. For a majority of people, this is short term with minor consequences. Yet in some cases a simply back injury becomes a much larger issue when: nerves become involved, it persists for longer than 6 weeks or it becomes something that affects all aspects of their life including family time, sport and work. This places a large strain on the person, not just physically, but emotionally and potentially financially if they are unable to work.

As the key vertical supporting structure as well as the protector of our spinal cord, the spinal column (or simply spine) is an extremely important piece of hardware! It gives a solid base the rest of the skeleton to attach itself to from the head to the pelvis. The spine is one continuous column, medically named with 3 main areas: cervical spine (neck) thoracic spine (rib region), lumbar spine (lower back). Each region of the spine can be injured, which can occur as an acute injury (for example whiplash, a fall or lifting an object) or it can be a chronic overuse injury (for example repeated actions, poor posture or simply wear and tear).

At Fixio Sports Physio and Pain Solutions, we assess and treat all forms of neck, rib, and low back pain. We are fortunate enough to have one of the best back pain experts in Sydney, Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Hayden Garner, assessing and managing people on the Northern Beaches. We also have physio Daniel Ward who went through spinal surgery and made a full recovery Below is list of the conditions we treat. Simply click for more information. They have been organised into neck, ribcage and lower back pain for ease of use!

Low Back Pain (Lumbar Spine)

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