Post Operative Rehabilitation

After surgery, surgeons recommend physiotherapy as the most essential component to the rehabilitation of your new or improved body part. Surgery corrects structural problems, and now the body must relearn function to prevent another injury from occurring. Rehabilitation is a program which involves re-establishing optimal joint motion and function, specific muscle strength and then incorporating this into overall function and return to sport training.

Post surgery rehab can be a long process which requires both hands on physiotherapy and gym based strength and balance training. We know the process inside and out, having been on both sides and we will design the ideal program for your rehabilitation. With our state of the art gym and experienced physiotherapists you can sleep easy knowing you are in the best hands to return you to what you love doing.

Pre Surgical Preparation

Pre surgical preparation is also known as pre-habilitation or prehab. It is a pre-surgery regime to strengthen your body and get it into optimal shape which is one of the strongest predictors for a full recovery after surgery. It is common for pain and weakness to present in tandem, however recovery from surgery will require strength. In prehab you build strength and stability where you need it and we ensure that you get the most out of your rehabilitation.