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We are specialised in the assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of all sporting injuries, with each practitioner having additional expertise in their chosen sports. Sports injuries are different from everyday activities due to the higher stress and load placed on the body’s whole musculoskeletal system (joints, muscles, ligaments and bones). The most common injuries associated with sports include:

  • Ligament injuries such as ACL tears in the knee(hyperlink), sprained ankles and shoulder dislocations;
  • Muscle tears such as a torn hamstrings, calf tears, quadricep strains and rotator cuff;
  • Tendinitis (now more commonly known as tendinopathy) such as Achilles, tennis elbow, patella and rotator cuff;
  • Joint specific Injuries such as meniscus (cartilage) tears in the knee, stress fractures at any joint and impingement syndromes in the shoulder, hip or ankle.

Here at Fixio Sports Physio and Pain Solutions each of our physiotherapists still compete in sport. We’ve experienced injury, we know that no two injuries are ever the same. We treat people in a holistic individualised fashion using all the resources at our disposal to help you overcome your injury. We know that the two biggest factors underpinning sporting injuries’ recovery time is:

  1. The time between the sporting injury and when you see an expert at managing that condition
  2. The accuracy of the diagnosis and the detail of the treatment plan

That’s why we always take a thorough subjective and objective assessment of the injury as soon as possible and take the time to explain the diagnosis and treatment plan going forward. Once you understand HOW you will heal and return to play, we can easily manage WHAT you need to do.

Our physiotherapists are experienced high-level athletes (or past athletes!) themselves and have also rehabbed their own injuries. We have a deep knowledge of all sports-related injuries and are professionals at assessing the biomechanics behind each sport specific movement e.g. serving in tennis, or side-stepping on the rugby field. We understand the frustration of taking time off sport and the physical and emotional distress that goes with it, so we’ll make sure you get back to the court, field, or waves as soon as possible thanks to one of our tailored treatment plans.


Our treatment plans for sports physiotherapy patients always includes both hands-on manual therapy, and exercise therapy to help you strengthen your trouble areas. We have a gym on-site, as well as a fully equipped Pilates Studio with small group and individual classes available. Our physios have extensive experience treating both weekend warriors and athletes competing on a more professional level. And we’re always happy to liaise closely with any personal trainers, coaches or other athletes to ensure our patients can transition successfully back to their chosen sport.