Fixio Sports Physio & Pain Solutions is a boutique facility that serves as the centrepiece of your health outcomes; whether in the treatment rooms or in our gym. We pride ourselves on providing a premium quality physio service which utilises only the most effective and efficient treatment protocols ensuring you are back to being you as soon as possible. We know the human body backwards and forwards and are experts in the following areas;

Sports Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists are experienced sports people themselves and have been through their own injuries, rehabilitation and surgeries. We know what it’s like going through the physical pain and emotional turmoil of having to take time off sport and/or work. Sports physiotherapy has a strong focus on;

  • Ligament injuries such as ACL tears in the knee, shoulder dislocations and sprained ankles
  • Tendinitis (now known as tendinopathy) such as in the Achilles, patella, rotator cuff or tennis elbow
  • Muscle tears such as a torn hamstring or calf muscle
  • Joint specific injuries such as meniscus (cartilage) tears in the knee and impingement syndromes in the hips or shoulders

Years of experience tell us that no 2 injuries are the same and that the 2 biggest factors in how quickly you recover are the time it takes you to get checked out and the thoroughness of the clinical examination.


Back and Neck Physiotherapy


We take a holistic hands-on approach.

Very rarely is there “one thing” causing long-standing back or neck pain in an individual. Hence we take a deep dive in your initial appointment to see what else will be contributing to your symptoms so that we can address the whole issue, not just “do some exercises”. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of exercise to do, but we have to take a multifaceted approach. When we say hands-on, we don’t just mean that we are a manual therapy clinic. Yes, you will get the hands on expert treatment to get you moving again, but we take a very hands-on approach to tackling your pain and getting you pain solutions that you haven’t had before.

We are a spine-focused clinic.

We are very experienced in seeing patients with spinal related pain and provide best treatment methods to improve the speed of your recovery. This multifactorial expert led approach to spinal pain allows our physiotherapists to accurately diagnose your injury and assess contributing factors to your spinal condition. This deep dive into your physical health allows Fixio Physios to design a bespoke rehabilitation program with short, medium and long term outcomes to ensure success and a pain free future.

Surgery Rehabilitation

Post Operative Rehabilitation

After surgery, surgeons recommend physiotherapy as the most essential component to the rehabilitation of your new or improved body part. Surgery corrects structural problems, and now the body must relearn function to prevent another injury from occurring. Rehabilitation is a program which involves re-establishing optimal joint motion and function, specific muscle strength and then incorporating this into overall function and return to sport training.

Post surgery rehab can be a long process which requires both hands on physiotherapy and gym based strength and balance training. We know the process inside and out, having been on both sides and we will design the ideal program for your rehabilitation. With our state of the art gym and experienced physiotherapists you can sleep easy knowing you are in the best hands to return you to what you love doing.


Pre Surgical Preparation

Pre surgical preparation is also known as pre-habilitation or prehab. It is a pre-surgery regime to strengthen your body and get it into optimal shape which is one of the strongest predictors for a full recovery after surgery. It is common for pain and weakness to present in tandem, however recovery from surgery will require strength. In prehab you build strength and stability where you need it and we ensure that you get the most out of your rehabilitation.



Third Party Insurance (CTP Insurance)

We do accept and treat people who are eligible to be covered under third party insurance after a Motor Vehicle Accident. Before presenting to Fixio Sports Physio & Pain Solutions you must first have;

  • Notified the insurance company of your intent to receive treatment for the sustained injury.
  • Consulted with your GP and received a medical certificate.
  • Received a claim number from the insurance company. The insurance company is hence billed directly and you will not need to pay any gap.

As experts in neck and back pain, we know the serious benefits of early treatment by a physiotherapist. An initial assessment should take place within the first 3 days after a motor vehicle accident, even if the pain is quite mild. This helps prevent serious complications after the accident. We encourage that you seek help before the above process has been completed, to begin the healing process. Just pay up front our regular costs and you will be reimbursed by the insurance company at a later date once you have a claim number.


Fixio Sports Physio & Pain Solutions understands the financial and emotional stresses of being unable to work that are placed on the individual and their family. The steps that must be followed if you believe your injury to be pertaining to WorkCover are:

  • Notify your place of work of the incident and of your intent to receive treatment for the sustained injury
  • Consulted with your GP and obtain a medical certificate
  • Receive a claim number from WorkCover
  • Have the WorkCover number approved. We will do that for you however we must be provided with this number the day before your appointment at the latest

Your invoices will be forwarded directly to the WorkCover insurance company and you will not be charged any gap for your consultations. It is a firm belief of our practice that all injuries should be treated as soon as possible. If you would like to be treated before the above process has been completed you just have to pay up front our regular costs and you will be reimbursed by the insurance company at a later date once your claim is approved. For further information please visit the WorkCover Website

Medicare Rebate – Enhanced Primary Care Plans (EPC Plans)

With a referral from a GP, Medicare can provide you with a rebate on up to 5 physiotherapy consults per annum at Fixio Sports Physio & Pain Solutions. In order to be applicable for an EPC Plan you must have been suffering a chronic condition for 6 months or more for which physiotherapy would provide you benefit. You must bring your written EPC Plan from your GP along with you to your initial consultation. Henceforth, Medicare will offer you a substantial rebate on 5 sessions with one of our physiotherapists.

Veterans’ Affairs

Fixio Sports Physio & Pain Solutions commits to providing Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) physiotherapy at the highest quality of care. This is an option for current or former serving members of the Australia Defence Force. You may also be eligible if you are the spouse, widow, or child of an eligible DVA member or veteran.

Hence, for your first appointment under the DVA scheme, you will need your DVA White or Gold card as well as a direct referral for physiotherapy services by your GP.

If you are unsure as to whether you qualify, please click here to find out.