Do you have acute or chronic hip or groin pain? We treat both!

Injuries to the hip and groin may occur in recreational activities (hiking or sex), sports (especially kicking sports such as soccer or AFL and extreme ranges of motion like rock climbing or ballet) or with falls or accidents in the workplace (bending and reaching at work) or in motor vehicle accidents. It can be a difficult area to assess and treat, as the structures are deep and far from the surface, with multiple layers of tendons and muscles overlaying the ball and socket joint. An accurate diagnosis is paramount when treating this area. Low back pain or pelvic pain can refer into the hip and groin area, so getting it right the first time is the key.

Considering that every time we walk or run, the hip joint has to not only support our weight, but stay stable and strong, it is imperative that a good biomechanics assessment is completed under video analysis to see what nuances are occurring in the movement patterns of your sore hip or groin. We perform these regularly to give us (and you) more information to assist with your diagnosis and treatment.

At Fixio Sports Physiotherapy and Pain Solutions in Dee Why, we treat both acute and chronic injuries relating to the hip and groin area. Below is a list of some of the more common injuries and conditions we see in the clinic:

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