We are constantly adding more classes to suit you! If you would like a class time simply call us and ask to speak to one of our pilates instructors about what would best suit you.

What are Clinical Classes in a nutshell?

  • Small group class (max. 5 participants)
  • Reformers included in each session
  • Expert physiotherapist instructor
  • Completely unique program tailored to you
  • Covered by your health fund
  • Fun, spacious facility and equipment

A boutique feel, individualised exercise class run by an expert physio for the price of a normal pilates class. And your health fund pays for it! What’s not to love?

Step One: Introductory Clinical Conditioning Class (40 minutes)

This will be an initial one on one session with your physiotherapist. We will discuss any current or pre-existing injuries or health conditions and assess your current level of fitness, strength and flexibility. We will develop an exercise program tailored to your goals and run through the exercises right away so you know what to expect in the first class, familiarise yourself with the equipment, and have any questions answered. This class is essential to be able to unlock the Physiotherapy Rebates for the classes.

Step Two (Optional) One on One Clinical Conditioning Sessions (40 mins)

Whether you realise the quality of one on one instruction with a physiotherapist or should you like to perfect your moves before heading off to a class, it is common for those new to Fixio’s Clinical Conditioning and Pilates to complete a few One-on-One Sessions before entering into a class.

Step Three: Group Clinical Conditioning and Pilates Classes (45 minutes)

After your initial appointment, should you feel confident and eager to get started, you may register for a small group class. Our classes have a maximum of five people, and they’re led by your physiotherapist here at Fixio

Step Four: Kicking Goals!

You can also book another one on one review session whenever you require. It is beneficial and required for our group class members to have a one on one sessions every 12 weeks. This ensures we can work on any new strength or flexibility goals you may have, and allows you to get the most out of your group sessions.

Make an appointment, no referral required.