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Our Team

Courtney Booth - Sports Physiotherapist

Courtney knew from an early age that physio was her calling after having some amazing experiences with her physio when she was an elite, national level swimmer in high school. She graduated from the Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and went straight into private practice to help active people reach their full potential and give others even more amazing experiences!

Courtney is our clinical expert in:

- Knee Pain especially with running, squatting or walking up and down stairs

- Ankle injuries particularly sprained ankles and Achilles pain

- Shoulder pain such as surfer's shoulder and pain when doing exercise overhead

Before becoming an active member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association Courtney was using her Sports Trainer Qualification at prestigious schools across the North Shore and Northern Beaches to assist with their sporting programs. She even coached netball and basketball teams through to winning their grand finals. She has also competed in touch football, baseball, netball and basketball for many years and has had her fair share of injuries like any physio should!

Having suffered these injuries Courtney knows how much of an impact they can have on your life. Courtney’s belief in the importance of active living is reflected in her desire to return people to their peak physical condition. She focuses on long-term solutions and patient education. This approach ensures that each person becomes self-empowered to overcome their injuries.

Outside of her passion for wellness and sport Courtney dedicates herself to the surf. Courtney loves to surf. Whether it’s planning trips down to Mollymook or up to Hawk’s Nest with her friends, surfing the breaks of North Curl Curl, Longreef or North Steyne (or anywhere on the Northern Beaches that suits the conditions!) or simply hanging out for the perfect set, Courtney will be in or near the ocean at every given opportunity. With this much passion for water, it’s easy to see why she loves treating surfers, swimmers and other water babies!


Damien Glover - Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

With expert understanding in anatomy and human biomechanics Damien assesses and treats every patient in a holistic fashion. Damien graduated from the Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) at The University of Sydney with distinction before moving directly into private practice. His first few years as a sports physiotherapist were extremely rewarding, working in elite Volleyball. He continued to work with elite athletes in the clinic however was realising that even the most elite athletes often needed thorough postural and nerve assessments. With the aim of providing the highest quality of care and the latest scientific research he undertook a postgraduate Graduate Certificate in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and subsequently a Masters of Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy through La Trobe University. Only the top 5% of the physiotherapy profession reach this level of training.

As a Titled Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Damien adheres to the stringent criteria of the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Australia group. He remains a member of the Sports Physiotherapy Australia group and is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association. He has also studied progressive human biomechanics and is a Certified Level 1 Functional Patterns Human Foundations Practitioner. Damien values hands on treatment including dry needling (a similar approach to acupuncture) to evoke change and alleviate pain.

Damien has extensive knowledge of biomechanics in swimming (was a stroke correction coach in a previous life), waterpolo, volleyball, Australian Rules football, soccer, golf, tennis, motorcross, running, taekwondo, cricket and ballet. Outside of nerding out in his career, Damien enjoys travelling, reading, shamelessly supporting the GWS Giants and tries his hand at volleyball, swimming, rock climbing and golf.

Experience the Difference

We do not settle for the traditional approaches. Average systems get
average results. Through hundreds of hours of scientific research, testing,
retesting, we have created the FIXIO SMART System. Our system ensures
that no-one slips through the cracks by systematic assessment and ticking
everything off the list. We fix the unfixable.