We Expertly Treat & Assess all Foot & Ankle Injuries

The foot and ankle joints are extremely intricate with 26 bones and 33 joints. With so many bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons in such a small area, it is a common place for both acute trauma and overuse injuries. The foot or ankle may become painful via an overuse mechanism, such as a new training regime for running. But acute injuries such as sprained ankles are extremely common, with the incidence rate jumping up significantly for athletes who play court sports such as basketball, volleyball and netball.

At Fixio Sports Physio and Pain Solutions (the best Physio in Dee Why), we have the expert skills to treat and assess all foot and ankle injuries. We are also able to refer you on for any imaging that may be necessary (such as X-Ray and MRI) if we feel there may be a fracture or if the image will assist in our rehabilitation regime. We are also fortunate enough to have close relationships to orthopaedic surgeons on the Northern Beaches who specialise in foot and ankle injuries and can refer you onwards should there be a need. At Fixio Sports Physio, we have the expertise and knowledge to treat all foot and ankle injuries. Jaeme Last is our in house ankle expert, with a passion for running and post-operative management.

Our Northern Beaches Physiotherapists commonly assess and treat the following foot and ankle conditions:

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